I took my trip to Roatan, Honduras six months ago. There is so much that I can say about the experience of my first (hopefully not last) missions trip. First off, all of the months of schooling was WORTH IT. I would do it all over again in a heart beat. I joined a program called Hope Corps over a year ago, and worked hard in different courses to finally graduate and go on a missions trip. I got to choose from a few different places such as Philippines,  Manhattan, Roatan.. etc. Which, as you know, I chose Roatan. The schooling, application fees, and all the cost of traveling was very pricey. My family started a GoFundMe to help with my expenses. So many people supported and donated, even people I didn’t know. Without all the support I received from my pastor, friends, family and even strangers, I never would have been able to go.

In June, I started my ITW (Intensive Training Week) with Hope Corps. When I landed in Roatan, I fell in LOVE with the island. It was beautiful and green first off, and secondly, it was just as I had imagined it…No roads, no street signs, no stop lights. Just an island with villages and gorgeous beach (which is a huge tourist attraction). Seriously BEAUTIFUL

 I met with all the other Hope Corp students, and our week began. This would be way too long of a post to talk in detail about everything we did, but I will give you the gist of it all. We started off a day full of classes taught by pastors and missionaries. Then, we went on outreach, inviting the villagers to the Primera Iglesia Apostolica church. A church pastored by missionary and pastor Jones and his wife. They invested so much into this church and it has become such a success and blessing to the island!

Going into the villages was the best part for me. People talk about the beautiful beaches of Roatan and the great food, but that is just the tourist attraction spots. Let me talk about the villages. Less appealing to some, yet this is what it is all about! I never wanted to leave these areas. It was here the children ran and played by the beaches without any  supervision, simply because they have been taught how to survive and how far they are allowed to go out in the water. It is here that the children run with no shoes on and climb the trees. Here is what the tourists DON’T see!

You know what I learned about these children? You don’t need iPhones, laptops, cool cars, the best gadgets, the nicest clothing, the newest game system to be HAPPY. They had none of the above and were the happiest bunch I have ever seen. They were loveable, tender and full of joy. They held your hand along the beach and begged just to take a sip of your  gatorade or soda. They laughed as they swung from trees, chased you around the island and jumped off the deck into the water. I fell in love with them!

There was church at Primeria Inglesia Apostolica church and I had the privilege of going with the children to their Sunday school class.

Oh the JOY.

Us Hope Corp students also had a free day of fun at the beach towards the end of our ITW. Where I went out on a boat and went snorkeling for the first time ever!

These are a few of many pictures. Let’s just say, I had the time of my LIFE! I hope I get to go again someday. It truly changed my life. I learned so much during my ITW. The classes were taught by such inspirational, Godly leaders in the mission field and it gave me such a spark to do greater things for the kingdom of God. God gave me a burden while I was there that has carried over even to this day. I have worked to apply the biblical principles that were taught during my classes with Hope Corp, and the hands on  experiences that gave me a greater passion for reaching my world.

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