Well, my alarm has gone off for the 4th time. This waking up thing is becoming a real challenge. Ugh, how bad do I need this job? It’s 9:35 am ALREADY?! I’m going to be late for work! I better hurry up and get ready, I think to myself as I continue to lay in bed on my phone for another 15 minutes.

Now, I am actually running out the door. I arrive exactly 3 minutes late and pretend that I am super full of regret for not being on time. “Sorry I’m late” I say with my Starbucks in my hand. Not everyone can be as responsible as Fran, she’s always extra early….I walk to my drawer, put my stuff away and get started by logging into the computer to print out my access code. “Oh the printer isn’t working” Kim says from somewhere in the second aisle. “But did you hear whats-his-name is coming in today? Just figured I would give you the heads up!”

“Who is coming in?”

“You know… the guy who screamed at you yesterday for putting in his date of birth as 1958 instead of 1968…he told you that you were worthless and didn’t know how to do your job…”

“ooooooh, THAT guy. What does he want now?”

“He’s trying to get his Hydrocodone filled early because he claims that we shorted him and also that he dropped a couple pills down the toilet.”

“Oh, of course. Yes. Didn’t he say last month he needed an early fill due to him going out of town for his great uncle’s best friend’s brother’s funeral?”


Suddenly, there comes a loud bang from the pharmacist counter. “This STUPID COMPUTER keeps freezing up! Dumb thing!” It’s just Kevin again. “You okay, over there Kevin?” you can hardly see his expression due to the doctor’s mask he wears over his face. He claims it is to keep from spreading germs, but we all agree that it’s used to cover the dumbfounded expressions he gives people when (such as right now) they ask him questions like “What do you recommend for an ear ache?” (this is about the time Kevin will throw his hands in the air) “I have NO idea what’s going on right now!” Alyssa, the sweet, soft spoken tech who just started two weeks ago, appears to be cringing on the inside as she gives the patient an apologetic smile and explains, “Kevin, they are asking what you think they should do or take to relieve an ear ache.” Hmm, this should be a good one. “You probably have cancer. But you can check out the ear drops on aisle 8” Kevin explains and walks away.

“I’ve only been here an HOUR?” Sally complains. “I need a nap.” She begins filling her 700th prescription of the day as she sips on her Aloe Vera juice mixed with mango. *The phone rings*

I wonder if someone is going to pick that up. I know I’m not!

still ringing…


And ringing….


And rings again….

“Thank you for calling the pharmacy, how can I help you today?” Sally picked it up.

*Long pause* “You want what?”

“I don’t know if the store is still selling the dog food that is on sale for $11.53, let me transfer you to customer service.”

“Oh, you want to speak to the pharmacist about it? I’m not sure he knows either. No, the pharmacist doesn’t know EVERYTHING.”

Sally hangs up the phone. “Did you guys honestly hear that right now?”

“No…but! You totally missed hearing me and so and so go at it up front a minute ago. I told him his prescription wasn’t ready because we just received it from the office a few minutes ago. He proceeded to tell me his doctor’s office promised him it would only be a 10 minute wait and he left there 15 minutes ago. All the staff pauses what they are doing to get a laugh out of that one. Good one!

The sweet older lady that everyone in pharmacy loves comes up to the counter. Tony is there to greet her. “Hello there! How can I help you?” *Another patient who has no relation to the sweet old lady walks up next to her at the counter* “Is my prescription ready?” he interrupts. Tony smiles, “Sir, I’m in middle of helping a customer right now, do you mind waiting behind the sign that reads WAIT HERE please? I’ll be right with you.” The gentleman points his finger in Tony’s face. “You are so rude. Where’s your manager?”

Finally! It’s lunch time. The day is halfway over! Kendra takes a bite of her yogurt. So wonderful. Jessica pops her head into the back, “sorry to bother you on your break, but, the robot broke down, can you help me with it? I’m pretty sure Tony put the size 86 bottles (Extra large) in there instead of 13 (regular size).” Not again…

Now, the robot is completely shut down and Kelly has been on the phone with the help desk for the last hour trying to get someone down here to look at it. “No problem, I don’t mind holding a little longer” she says to the tech on the other line, “I was reeeeallly enjoying the Christmas tunes that have been playing on the line while I’m holding!” *Eye roll* Kelly covers the speaker on the phone and whispers to me “It’s August, and they are actually playing instrumental Jingle Bells right now.” Both of us, amused, listen as she puts it on speaker until Kevin interrupts and begins explaining to us where the song actually originated from and that the line “batman smells” is just a remake of the song, but no one has, in fact, smelt batman. Thanks Kevin. We are very amused now. 

Tony is intensely looking at an insurance card his patient just handed him. “I’m sorry sir, it seems your insurance has been terminated.” He hands it back to the patient who takes his sweet time finding a place for it to go back into his wallet. Then, as Tony stands there patiently waiting, the gentleman begins to dig through his wife’s purse. “Well…. I know she got a card in the mail the other day…oh, here it is…


…will any of these discount cards work?”


“Oh, well, sir. I don’t mind adding these, but do you mind stepping aside while I have another technician work on this? I have another person in line behind you.”

“They can wait like I waited!”

“Well, alright sir.”

*2 minutes later*



“Can someone grab the drive through? They have been waiting a little while.” Mike calls out to one of the techs. “Sure Mike,” I say, “let me just finishing printing out all of Mr. Hobbs receipts of all the medication he’s ever gotten from us from the last 2 years so he can compare prices to the pharmacy down the street.” This is totally normal. 

4:30 pm! Only an hour and a half left!

*cruuunnnch*…man, what did I just step on? Oh it’s just Kevin’s half eaten lunch he dropped on the ground. No biggie. 

Thank GOD Belinda is here for the closing shift! Finally another tech. “Hey Belinda!”



At this point the robot is still shut down, but it’s okay because we just got caught up on product despensi…. there’s 350 still in pre-verification?! I might as well go grab the pharmacy mail from outside. The other techs have got this covered, the drive through probably only has one car in line anyways. *Walks outside*


*********************************************************************************** Fran unlocks the back door and steps inside, she sees the commotion going on, techs going everywhere, the waiting room full of people, three customers standing looking pretty angry with their arms crossed. Because we all know the longer they stare, the quicker their prescription will get filled. Fran sits down and eats a mini snickers.

“Are you ACTUALLY 3 hours early for your shift, Fran?” Belinda askes.

“I enjoy watching the show” she smiles and eats another snickers.

Mike has just finished counseling a patient, and now has to call a doctor’s office to make a correction on a prescription. It’s going to be a long night for closing crew I think to myself as Kevin pokes his head around the counter, “have you guys heard the latest news on the high quality fence they put up around area 51? It’s suppose to be stronger than 35 layers of graphene. But I don’t think it’s even that strong of materiel because I threw a battery on the ground when I was 7 1/2 and it shattered.” Cassy, the tech who is finishing putting away the order that just came, continues putting medication away on the self. Wow Kevin..

“Hey Cassy, can you do me a favor and find the Metoprolol Tartrate 25 mg in the order? My patient up front is getting angry because he said it should have been here yesterday. Can you do it right away please?”

“Oh, sure…no problem. Let me find that real quick!”

What time is it now…

5:55 pm…. THANK YOU LORD! I am now running to my drawer to grab my keys. Kim is already ahead of me. She’s out the door. Oh please, let me make it there! I reach my drawer, grab my keys and as I reach for the door to exit I hear Sally come up behind me: “Hey! Do you think you could stay an extra hour?”



The end.



No one’s real names were used in the writing of this. But, it was most definitely based off real events and REAL people! I actually do love my job, and we (clearly) have a ton of fun working in pharmacy.



 #lifeinpharmacy #pharmacytech #life #routine #story #myjob #love





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