“To think you can love God without being changed by Him, is to think you can jump into the ocean and not get wet. To really really love Him, you must understand that your life is going to be wrecked by Him, and built again into something beautiful, something lasting”

I found that the way God can really reach you, to get you to the place you need to be, is to destroy and break down the walls you’ve built in your life. Maybe unintentional walls. Maybe walls you don’t realize are there keeping you from having a breakthrough in your life. Or possibly walls you created to keep you protected from things but you left God on the outside with no way in. God will break those strongholds and get you to the place where you’re no longer safe, or comfortable. A place where you’re desperate for someone or something to satisfy the longing and fill the void. Turn to God. Let Him make you broken. Then let Him rebuild you. Sometimes God will allow pain, disappointment, heartbreak, tragedy…so you’ll turn to Him. I pray I will never turn my face or look any direction but to God in those times in my life. Because He is wanting to heal. He is wanting to show His love. In my deepest sorrow I saw His glory, and it astounded me. His arms of comfort kept me. His mercy humbled me. Because He saw the depths of my heart and still reached for me. He still called me. God, until you are my one desire, my breath and my everything, make me broken.

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