One thing I have found just in the past couple of months is how effective and accomplished I feel by creating a goal in my head everyday of how I want to…

1. Begin my day.

2. Organize my day.

3. Get the list of things I need to get done, DONE.

On a typical day I wake up with a mental (or physical) list of the things I want to get done in a certain time frame. Usually, it is what I want to get done before I go to work in the afternoon because with my schedule I often work late into the evening and want to only sit down and do nothing when I come home. Maybe for someone else it would be what they want to do after work.

No, I am not the busiest person on the planet. I’m only 20 and I have found there to be a lot more people with a much fuller schedule than I. But I know me, and if I don’t create that mental list I won’t get anything done and will feel very unproductive. So I always know how I want to begin my day. This is something I recommend for everyone because I have found it to be very impactful on turning a normal day to a great day. That is prayer. Wake up and start your day with a simple prayer. I am not a morning person whatsoever, but I have found that it helps take my morning grumpiness away and start me on a positive note. Pray for your day to be filled joy, pray for a productive day, pray for someone in need, pray for a positive attitude and that YOU can be a blessing to someone in your day. I always pray, “God, help me to keep you in my mind and heart today.”

Then I know the amount of time I have before work and have to give myself enough time to do everything. I notice I feel a lot better during my work day and am even more effective at work if I didn’t start off running late or feel like I haven’t completed the mental list in my head. The perfect day would be to get my list done, and still have an hour before work to do nothing. It helps me feel like I have it together.

Days off are the same idea. I view days off as very precious and don’t want to waste it by either sleeping in all day or relaxing and doing nothing (which is what most like to do). I have to be productive all day. Whether it is being out and about, cleaning, doing homework, practicing piano, reading my book (which is something I consider being productive by the way🤣) or maybe visiting with friends.

You should always have a goal for each day. Maybe it is not a whole physical or mental list, but even just start with one thing. “Today I will complete….(fill in the blank)” and slowly progress each day.

Does this always work? No. No. No. It is very normal for me to wake up and turn off my alarm and sleep for another hour because I can. I then become rushed with the other things and end up not doing them or quickly doing them and still run late. But, getting in the habit and at least striving to reach those daily goals is important.

“Nothing will work unless you do.”

#productive #dailyroutine #work #life

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