I saw this old piece I had written on my laptop from years back. It’s crazy to think I wrote this 7 years ago, and can find encouragement from it today.


Sara Felty

“Live to please God and give Him your all, do everything it takes to stay faithful and strong although life is full of disappointment, discouragement, pain and frustration.  There are moments in life where you don’t understand why God put you here, you wonder if your life has purpose?  You wonder if you’re more than just flesh. You feel empty, and go through the motions and you worry about what else is coming your way and if it’ll be what finally breaks you. But you can’t spend your life worried about what will happen next and how things will turn out. That’s just fear.  What counts is what you do when you’re in your darkest moments.  When thoughts invade, choices are made, a price will be paid. Will you give up on what matters?

Be kind at every opportunity, you will never regret doing the right thing. The Golden Rule should apply to all our lives and we should make it a habit. You can’t live by what you feel.

Be honorable to the best of your ability. Reach for your dreams. People are just about as happy as they make up their mind to be. The real tragedy is when someone doubts their abilities, they don’t realize what their capable of and therefore are never truly happy. Whether you fail or succeed shall be no man’s doing but your own, you are the force.

Live life to its fullest, enjoy the little things. give more than take and always be happy with yourself.  Reach out to those in need, doing so you’ll also feel better about yourself. We all have one of the greatest gift to ever be and that is salvation and the knowledge of the love of Christ, which is something we should never keep to ourselves. How selfish it would be for us to know what we know through the love of God and not share it with the world. People have no idea what they are missing out on and it’s our job to let them know. We plant the seed and water it, let God do the rest.

Learn from your mistakes. We should all live every moment as if it’s our last. Everyone messes up and no one is perfect. Don’t dwell on the past but learn from your mistakes and move on. Do your very best not to relive them.”

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