I remember times and situations in my life where I felt vulnerable, powerless, incapable and weak. I felt out of control and extremely dependent. There was a certain moment in my life, where I felt these things strongly.  A moment I said to myself, “I do not have what it takes to do this.” Then I thought of something that helped pull me together. I thought of David in the Bible, a young man of little strength, a shepard boy whom many believed was only capable of being that; a boy who watches sheep. He did not have the skill of a soldier, he did not have the practice nor the talent. His own father did not believe in him. Out of all of Jessie’s sons, he would be the last picked, the outcast, the least capable of being a king…the least capable of facing a giant. But as David’s armor weighed too heavy upon his shoulders, and as men snickered under their breath at the look of him, God’s power and strength within him grew. He did what no other man had the courage to do, he faced the giant. And he did it without his man-made armor. David was victorious, because greater is HE that is in me…I can find power and dominion over my fears when I let go and I let God. The greatest men in the Bible were some of the weakest. Shepard boy David, became King David, one of the greatest Kings known in the Bible. Moses, afraid to stand before Pharaoh , afraid to use his voice, while weak in his flesh, came to later lead the Israelites out of Egypt, across a sea with an Egyptian army on their track. With those two examples alone, I found courage to go on, because God is my foundation, my strong tower. When I am weak, He is strong.

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